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The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a highly recognised exam in the United States of America’s colleges and universities and universities in other countries. It is specifically designed to help you demonstrate what you know to universities and how well you can apply your knowledge to meet up with the academic standard obtainable in universities.

The SAT tests your use of English proficiency and mathematics ability. The English, based on the current version of the SAT, has two parts: Reading and Writing and Language Test. The SAT Reading requires analytical reading of passages and the SAT Writing demands that you identify errors in given passages and correct them to improve the quality of the passages. The SAT maths is also divided into two: No calculator and with calculator. SAT maths includes questions on arithmetic operations, geometry, statistics, and probability.

SAT has a total score of 1600, with English and mathematics sharing the score on equal halves i.e., 800 each.

SAT helps universities to make admission decisions.

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